Hawke Anderson Highlight Reel

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Over the past 12 months we have had the opportunity to work with some great athletes in Australia & overseas.

We recently put together our highlight reel featuring some of our favourite footage & moments from the year.

The clip features an original track that we made especially for the project.

This is the behind the scenes video from the track being made.

More videos from our team coming soon.

The Fit List Launches

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Earlier this month The Fit List launched.

The Fit List is a platform designed to help consumers find health and fitness facilities in their local area.

As part of the Fit List, the team also launched their youtube channel TFLTV Fit Sessions featuring a series of episodes giving viewers a virtual experience of a selection of facilities in the Brisbane Area. In the episodes hosts visit the facilities and are put through the complete workout experience.

The following is an introduction to the series.

This is a sample of the second episode with host Jackson Haigh at F45 Newstead.

For more information on the Fit List visit their website or find them on social media (Facebook | Instagram)

8 Websites that performed in 2016

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2016 presented some exciting opportunities for our team in the digital space. We helped launch several brands with mixed media packages as well as redeveloping several sites for existing businesses.

Here are 8 sites that performed well throughout the year.

EFT for Weight Management

Online Course with Weight Management Psychology

In 2015/2016 we filmed a series of videos with World Leading Researcher, Dr. Peta Stapleton & Australia's leading Weight Management Psychologist, Glenn Mackintosh. We presented the videos in the form of an online course which in 2016 became the centre of a scientific research trial on using the technique of tapping (EFT) for weight management. Several hundred people have begun the trial with the aim to show that the technique can be used to reduce food cravings which in return can help the individual achieve weight loss. Stay tuned for the results of the trial in 2017.

My Body Meals

Fresh Meal Company

From initial branding and concept development through to imagery & web design we worked with the team to launch My Body Meals in July 2016. A special feature on this site is the payment gateway that has been used to take a subscription based payment method. We are looking forward to seeing continued success for My Body Meals n 2017.

Joe Pitt Fitness

Online Personal Trainer

Joe Pitt is one of Australia's most recognised online fitness personalities. In 2016 we worked with Joe to redevelop his website to allow him to be able to develop his programming further from his website. A special feature of this site is the form component individuals must fill out prior to purchasing an online program. This allows Joe to program accurately following a purchase from the site.

Julia Woodford Fitness

Online Personal Trainer

Julia Woodford is an emerging fitness professional based in Brisbane, Australia. From branding to images, ebook design and web development we worked with Julia to help launch her brand in August this year. The design on this site is clean, simple and driven towards capturing an email address by offering a FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD.

Base 3 Computers

IT Consulting/ Cloud Based Hosting

Base 3 are one of Australia's largest providers of cloud based hosting located in Perth, Australia. We have recently worked with the team to redevelop their site to modernise it and improve the responsiveness of the site across different devices.

Sunnybank Obesity Centre

Weight Loss Surgery Group

Sunnybank Obesity Centre is one of Australia's most established Weight Loss Surgery Clinics. This year we worked with the team in digital strategy, content creation and web redesign. One of the main goals of redeveloping the site was to be able to connect the visitor to the site by sharing patient stories in the form of video. We also helped implement a successful online support group for patients only that allows them to share their experiences and help each other achieve greater success.


Medical/ Surgery Group

If you have visited a medical site in the past you will know that they can often be sterile and un-personal. When we redeveloped the South East Queensland Surgery site we wanted to create a site that was fresh and inviting, moving away from the traditional approach towards medical sites.

Evidence Based EFT

Online Resource/ Training Centre

This is more of a prediction for 2017... Evidence Based EFT is the latest project by Dr Peta Stapleton (World Leading Researcher) which allow individuals to access resources and training from the site. In December we launched the first part of the site with a unique black and white design.

In 2017 we will be launching a new web based package which will include online tuition and up-skilling as well as regular content creation sessions to help keep your business current and your social media feeds full.

For more information on our web design packages contact our team (contact now)

Top Images of 2016

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2016 was a massive a year for Hawke Anderson. It presented some amazing projects and we had the opportunity to photograph some great female athletes & models in Australia & overseas. Here are some of our best images from our favourite shoots this year.

Lauren Simpson (pictured above) became an international fitness name in 2016. We shot with her in Sydney just before she won the WBFF Bikini Diva Pro Card on the Gold Coast. Its hard to look past this image as one of the strongest of the year.

The Australian Arnold Classic always give us plenty of opportunities to work with great athletes. This year we hired some different warehouse spaces throughout Melbourne and managed to capture some amazing images with Natalie Boulton (pictured below) in her first ever photo shoot.

Hattie Boydle has killed 2016. We had the opportunity to shoot with Hattie twice this year in Sydney both before & and after she became the World Pro Fitness Model Champion. Below is one of the shots from our first shoot, the second shoot almost never happened…

It was the start of Summer & Bondi was pumping (too busy to shoot) so we almost post-poned just before we were about to start. In a last minute decision we decided to head around the corner to Bronte and caught some perfect light.

Shannah Baker is another athlete who had an amazing year becoming the latest Australian IFBB Bikini Pro. We shot with Shannah on the Gold Coast in November and captured some our our favourite outdoor shots of the year.

Outdoor shoots through the middle of the days can be challenging (as the light can often be too harsh). With a different approach to lighting we braved it and produced some great images with the in-shape Michelle Jade at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.

This image of Davina Rankin (below) at Coolangatta was our most reposted image on Instagram this year. With shoutout pages dedicated to the peaches loving the image; the internet personality reported her Instagram page grew by 4000+ followers within 24 hours of her sharing the shot. Cheeks get the peeps…

Collaborating with brands in the health and fitness industry is always exciting. In this shoot we worked with Iron Dynasty Liftwear to shoot content for the release of their new website at Phoenix Physique in Brisbane with Holly Baxter.

Rach White was another athlete who had a great 2016. We caught up to film and photograph Rach in Melbourne with the ATP Science Team just before she won her World Championship title in Toronoto. Her condition was incredible.

This year we photographed Yvette Latham (below) in Melbourne on the back of the Australian Arnold Classic. In the weeks leading up to the show we filmed with Yvette before shooting with her in a warehouse location in Fitzroy.

We first worked with TV Presenter, Allirha Cohrs a couple of years ago in a promo video clip. In this shoot in Byron Bay we tried some tried alternate lighting techniques to give them golden feels.

This year Function Well introduced The Restoration Zone into their facility. We had the opportunity to shoot some promotional content before the space opened with Dr. Laura Elliot. This is one of our favourite shots from the shoot.

This year has given us some amazing opportunities. In this shoot we took a tour through Brooklyn’s Graffiti District (The Bushwick Collective) with local artist Jasmine Nicole (below). The colours in this place were like nothing we have seen before. For the full image series click here.

This year we captured some great moments like this one with Stephanie Ling (below) in her first shoot in Sydney. We love the raw feel of the shot.

Its always good when people bring a heap of ideas to a shoot. On this day we were shooting images for Julia Woodford’s website & ebook (view site) which also had the opportunity to work on. This amazing street is in New Farm, Brisbane.

If you are an Athlete, Model or Brand and would like to collaborate with our team please get in touch via email, phone or social media (contact now).

Fitness Photography Gallery 2015 (JAN-JUN)

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Everytime we work with an athlete we are trying to create images that are unique and bring out the personalities, beauty, hard work & discipline that have gone into creating their physiques.

These are a few of our favourite shots from this year;

Pancakes at Primal Pantry

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Over the past few months with have been working with the talented Executive Chef of Primal Pantry, Tracy Hirst to create imagery for their popular WEEKEND SPECIALS. This imagery is then used to promote the business through social media and print publications.

Over the period of time we have developed quite a gallery of amazing PANCAKE and other food based imagery… INSERT DROOL HERE!!! Rocky-Road-PancakesPanckae-variation-2Oreo#primal-pantryPancake-with-appleChoc-Nut-SlicePrimal-cabinetPrawn-PancakesLemon-Curd-Tart copyGinger-Bread-SpecialCabinet-shot-2Fish-Taco copyTART-1PancakesTart-7MochaPancakes-MarshmallowPANCAKE-WEEKEND-SPECIALCabinet-ShotPancake-2Tracy-Shot-1

Primal Pantry are currently expanding, for more information visit

Stay tuned for more food based imagery from Primal Pantry…