Video is most effective way to communicate online.

Hawke Anderson Founder & Lead Content Producer, Daniel Jokovich.
The Acai Brothers Project. Los Angeles.

At Hawke Anderson we produce a range of different styles of videos depending on our clients desired outcomes. Some of the video types include;

  • Promotional Videos
  • Youtube Series
  • Documentaries
  • Educational Videos
  • vLogs

One of our strengths is understanding the fitness and lifestyle industries and being able to help position your brand so that it captures the attention of your target market.

We have worked with some of Australia’s leading fitness & lifestyle brands are always excited when we get the opportunity to collaborate innovative, up and coming businesses.

The following is a selection of some of the videos we have created in the last year.

The Acai Brothers Promotional Videos.

Miss Bliss Pantry Promotional Video.

ATP Science Promotional Videos.

2017 Hawke Anderson Highlight Video.

2016 Hawke Anderson Highlight Video.

Ben Kelleher, An Athletes Journey. Documentary.

The Fit List Youtube Series.

Mana Yoga Retreats Promotional Video.

Fight For Your Vision Promotional Video.

Our video projects are quoted on an individual basis dependant on the project. We also have some example packages available in our catalogue. 

Access our catalogue for more information